National Breastfeeding Week

To recognise National Breastfeeding Week 2013 we have pulled together the Top Five breastfeeding tips as suggested by our loyal breastfeeding customers…..Remember, every mother and baby are unique, so what works for one person may not work for another, but hopefully there is something here that will help anyone who is currently struggling - 

1) Its so easy to say, and so hard to do, but you have to consciously RELAX. Breathe deeply, pick a comfy spot and get settled, loosen your shoulders, and turn the clocks face down. For the first few weeks at least, do not time feeds, do not try and multi task and be kind to yourself. You and the baby need time and calm to figure this all out.

2) Wear a properly fitted bra. You have to look after your breasts and keep them safe from injury and illness. They will change dramatically as your milk comes in and feeding becomes established so make sure you have a properly fitted nursing bra and if necessary, a night time bra as well. Mastitis, blocked ducts and soreness can all be caused and exacerbated by a bra that is too tight or too loose. If you haven’t been measured for a while, things WILL have changed – contact T-J at bras4mums for some help and “support”. Another way of safe-guarding your nipples that seems to work for a lot of new mums is to rub Lanolin cream in after each feed. This helps them to heal, is completely safe for baby and provides a degree of protection during the feed as well. Anything you can do to keep your nipples crack free is worth trying!

3) Be Kind to Yourself – There is no “proper” way to breastfeed, only what works for you and your unique baby. Don’t worry about the perfect schedule, or the appropriate hold. If you are comfortable cluster feeding in the afternoons, or feeding in a sling as you walk a long, or co-sleeping and feeding on demand, then as long as your baby is happy to as well, then go with it.

4) Eat and drink as well as you possibly can. You are making the milk for your precious baby so put the best quality ingredients in and pass that along. This will also help keep your energy levels up and your hormones in balance. Life can be daunting after the birth and you need to make sure you give yourself every chance at resilience and well-being.

5) Get help if you need it. If your nipples are still sore after a week, if your breasts feel lumpy and painful, if the baby seems to be feeding constantly, get some help and advice. You can try your local breastfeeding support groups – these can be independent or run by health visitors, or you can try organisations such as the NCT or La Leche League. But do not struggle on and do not suffer in silence. The sooner you get some help from a supportive expert, the easier the problems are to solve.

Breastfeeding can be so special and rewarding and it really is the best way to give your baby a fantastic start in life. It’s free, easy and when it’s all working well, such a happy experience to have shared with your little one.

Don’t let solvable problems stop you from doing it for as long as you and the baby want to!



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