Review: Cosyplay Play Mat

Kerstin from Cosyplay sent us one of her lovely play mats back in April after B had an operation. She knew that B loves Tummy Time, so this was the perfect gift!

I was very happy to hear that Kerstin and Cosyplay will be exhibiting at the BabyExpo Event in just two weeks time.

The Cosyplay mat is a fantastic product that has become a family favourite in this household! It was created to encourage Tummy Time for babies. You can read more about the Back to sleep, Tummy to play campaign and the importance of Tummy Time here.

The Cosyplay mat can be used from birth, and is made from a memory foam mattress incased in a soft, fleece cover with a waterproof base; fantastic for using in the garden. Also fabulous on hard floors!

The cover is machine washable, and really does wash well, which is very important with a little one.

The mat is a great size (1 metre by 1.5 metres), which means you can also lie down on the mat with Baby to encourage…or have a quick snooze! (I frequently lie next to B and have a small rest whilst she hits me with her rabbit/fox/monkey/ball.)

The Cosyplay mat could be considered expensive at £85, but I would say that it’s definitely money well spent. We use our mat every single day, and it has definitely improved B’s physical development. The softness and familiarity has also recently encouraged her to roll again; something she stopped doing post-op.

For further details about the Cosyplay mat, please check out the Cosyplay website, or watch this video.

Kerstin and Cosyplay will be exhibiting on stand number 92, so make sure you pop along and say hello! You’ll also be able to watch a demonstration of the Cosyplay mat at work!


*I received the Cosyplay Mat “Pink Stripes” as a gift. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.* 


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