Running A Business The Easy (or Easier) Way…

Amanda’s Action Club is a UK brand providing fun, physical development classes and dynamic birthday parties for young children (aged 0-11). A successful business of many years in the London area, Amanda’s Action Club is now launching a franchise opportunity nationwide

There’s a part of us all that thinks we’d rather be feet up on a beach in the Bahamas with a whole heap of lottery money in the bank, never to work again. But given that most us of us have to work the great dream remains to work for ourselves, to be our own boss, top dog, answerable to nobody.

Of course, the reality is you are always answerable to somebody. But still working for yourself means flexibility and some control over where you’re heading. It also means no ceiling on your earnings and the ability to take up the role you most feel suited to and to employ others to do the rest.

But the truth is that natural-born risk takers are few and far between. Relatively few people stumble across a big idea worth pursuing and fewer still are cut out for that high-risk world. Statistics show that 50 % of business fail in the first year and 95% of businesses fail within five years. So the question for many remains, how can I get the advantages of being my own boss without the vulnerability? And the answer, increasingly is by owning a franchise.

The greatest benefit of owning a franchise is having a product or service to sell that’s a proven success. Somebody else has failed and lost money trying various things until they figured out what the market wants. As a franchisee you don’t have to face that same, hard journey, you just pick it up mid-trail with a proven brand that people aleady know and respect.

The other great advantage is you get initial and ongoing training and support. It’s in the Franchisor’s interest that you succeed so you won’t have to feel that you’re out there on your own. Your Franchise Support Team will have your back and do as much as possible to see that you succeed.

Owning and running a franchise has been called a ‘School for Entrepreneurs’. That’s because your franchise team will educate you how to run a business successfully with all that involves. You’ll have to tow the company line with regard to how you present yourself so your wings will be clipped in that respect. But that freedom is traded for the security of having a proven brand to present and that’s definitely a fair trade.

But in the end the best thing about being your own boss is that success or failure comes down to you – there’ll be no office politics to blame for how you get on. A franchise gives you a fair chance to make a go of an enterprise. In business, as in life you can’t ask for much more than that.

To find out about the Amanda’s Action Club franchise come and see at Baby Expo, or  phone 01895 623999 – email


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