Get Breastfeeding Support at Baby Expo with have teamed up with the Breastfeeding Team from Sussex Community Trust to provide all day expert feeding support and information for pregnant women and mothers at Brighton Baby Expo this Sunday. It’s the perfect way to round off Breastfeeding Awareness Week. Claire Jones-Hughes from explains they chose to sponsor this particular area of the show.Helping parents to make informed choices is at the heart of our writing and website mission, so supporting the Breastfeeding Area at Baby Expo Brighton is the perfect fit.

2011-10-09 11.35.55The Breastfeeding Area is a space for mums to come and relax when they need to feed their little ones throughout the day. We are also extremely fortunate that breastfeeding co-ordinators and volunteer peer support mums have donated their spare time and will be around all day to answer any questions and chat to parents.

Mums will be able to chat one to one with a member of the team who possess an impressive amount of knowledge on the subject of infant feeding. So whatever your question or concern, from positioning, latching, milk supply or feeding your child through each stage of development, the team should be able to support you. We’ll have literature available to take away plus also find out about where to get breastfeeding support in the city when and where you need it.

2011-11-09 22.57.11There will also be a Food Of Love Gallery, where women from our community have generously given us permission to display intimate and natural photographs feeding their children.

Reports this week that breastfeeding rates have dropped for the first time in 10 years show that support and awareness for breastfeeding is needed more than ever. We are in danger of losing the momentum built over the last decade but without funding health authorities face a challenge to tackle supporting and informing parents with their choices.

This week, celebrating an unofficial Breastfeeding Awareness Week, as funding was scrapped in 2011, you will see ‘lactivist’ communities unite to push the message out there. Bloggers and community reporters alike will share stories and experience. Whilst admirable, often these groups are spreading the word amongst their own circles and will possibly never reach the groups who are isolated from this message. Passion is sometimes confused with militancy and with the help of the mainstream media, barriers between the ‘pro’ breastfeeding and those who have chosen otherwise go up, high. It’s frustrating.

At we are passionate about supporting women who choose to breastfeed. Whilst a tremendously rewarding experience, it is not without challenges for some, so empowering parents in those first few days and weeks, we feel is crucial. “


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