We have a winner!

The face of baby expoIt was no easy task to judge this year’s ‘Face of BabyExpo’ competition in association with the lovely folk at Phase Photographic! Fortunately BabyExpo VIP parenting expert and nanny to the stars, Rachel Waddilove was on hand to assist. Here are some of the images of the beautiful babies who visited the show this year – can you guess who won? Find out at the Phase Photographic blog - just click here - and for amazing images of your growing family contact Faye on 01273 567927. Missed out on being part of BabyExpoBrighton for 2013? Don’t worry we’ll be doing it all again next year AND at Surrey in November

The face of baby expoThe face of baby expoThe face of baby expoThe face of baby expo

Vote for the Face of BabyExpo Brighton 2013

Help us choose the Face of BabyExpo Brighton 2013!

Your baby is doubtless the most beautiful thing you have ever seen – every action, facial expression or milestone reached is priceless but sometimes it’s very difficult to capture these very special moments on camera.

The mummies, daddies and babies who flocked to official photographer, Phase Photographic’s Stand @ Baby Expo in June didn’t have such worries with their expert team at the onsite studio snapping away all day with stunning results! Parents also had the opportunity to enter the The Face of BabyExpo Brighton Competition and now we need YOU to help us choose the final 3 to go to our judging panel! The winning image will be used as part of BabyExpo marketing and promotion for forthcoming events + there’s a fabulous prize to be won courtesy of Phase Photographic worth over £650! The 10 finalists have now been revealed below! Many congratulations and a BIG THANK YOU to all those who took part!

What next – you can vote for your favourite from these 10 but don’t delay as this stage of the judging process will close on July 31st!

Vote on the Phase Photographic facebook page!

The top 3 images will then be forwarded to our BabyExpo VIP Rachel Waddilove – nanny to Hollywood Stars and Royalty! Rachel is also mother and a grandmother with over forty years experience as a maternity nurse, child-care expert, parental adviser and best-selling author. Her latest book ‘SLEEP SOLUTIONS – QUIET NIGHTS FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILD FROM BIRTH TO FIVE YEARS’ published by Lion Hudson is out now and we are delighted that Rachel has kindly offered to help decide our winner! (for more on Rachel go to www.rachelsbabies.com)

So make sure you get your chance to say which you think is the best image and should be declared as the ‘Face of BabyExpo’ – don’t forget to share the link so others can take part too and check back after August 1st when we will reveal the winner!

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom – Live Show in Brighton


Ruby and Alice had so much fun at Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom live at The Theatre Royal today!

The show is full of fun, music and familiarity – the characters are just as you would imagine with Ben, Holly, Gaston, Nanny Plum (my personal fav) and of course King Elf and all their friends.

The show is just long enough to really feel like value for money without children getting restless – in fact I wasn’t aware of one grumpy or distracted child – testament to the lively and engaging script, fabulous costumes and professional cast. There’s a fab range of nice merchandise too – at reasonable prices.

DSC_9818bOur favourite bits – we can’t decide between discovery of Gaston’s messy cave, the JELLY FLOOD or the tooth fairy scenario – in any case we would really recommend the show! It’s only on ONE MORE DAY in Brighton – 11 July so hurry – there’s still some tickets left! Just go to http://www.atgtickets.com/shows/ben-and-hollys-little-kingdom/theatre-royal-brighton/

BabyExpo Brighton 2013

Last Sunday was the BabyExpo event in Brighton – and what a day! It all kicked off at 9.30am when the sun shone on Brighton Racecourse. The first 500 people received a goody bag filled with exciting samples. I received an extra special goody bag – but more on that in a future post!

I made my round the various exhibitors – chatting, taking photos and soaking up the happy atmosphere. There were so many gorgeous pregnant ladies waddling around (I don’t know why I didn’t anticipate this!) and by lunchtime I was suffering from serious Bump Envy. I restrained myself though – no random Bump rubbing, I promise!

Sadly, at around 11.30am, the sea mists descended upon the Racecourse, and it all got a bit chilly, but the buzz of the event never lulled.

Here are a few photos from the day:

Crowds at BabyExpo Brighton.

Crowds at BabyExpo Brighton.

Soft play area - can I have a go?

Soft play area – can I have a go?

Lucy Piper kicks the BabyExpo off whilst the crowds enter.

Lucy Piper kicks BabyExpo off while the crowds enter.

Lots of Ella's Kitchen freebies!

Lots of Ella’s Kitchen freebies!

Diddidance having a boogie!

Diddi Dance having a boogie!

LoveYush were at the entrance... slightly chilly by the end of the day. It's a good job they sell scarves!

LoveYush were situated by the entrance… and were slightly chilly by the end of the day. It’s a good job they sell scarves!

Usborne books. So doesn't love them??

Usborne books. Who doesn’t love them??

My Wondercube. I had never heard of this product but it's amazing!

My Wondercube. I had never heard of this product before, but it’s amazing!

I attended the start of the Baby Sensory class.

I attended the start of the Baby Sensory class.

And learnt some news things at the ParentSkool antenatal taster.

And learnt some new things at the ParentSkool antenatal taster.

This has to be my favourite stall of the day. Gabz makes amazing cupcake hats and these very cute woollen pants!

This had to be my favourite stall of the day. Gabz makes amazing cupcake hats and these very cute woollen pants!

Sarah Jane from Cbeebies having fun with an award winning lizard!

Sarah Jane from Cbeebies having fun with an award winning lizard!

At 3pm I headed upstairs to attend the What’s On 4 Junior International Awards. Tears pricked in my eyes when Guy Lewis, from Gymboree Brighton, won a number of awards; the tribute to him was beautiful and ever-so emotional. Overall the awards were incredibly exciting, and an amazing celebration of fabulous people and businesses throughout the UK. Congratulations to all of the winners (and finalists)!

Who was your favourite exhibitor at the BabyExpo event? Did you learn anything? What would you like to see at next years event in Brighton?


National Breastfeeding Week

To recognise National Breastfeeding Week 2013 we have pulled together the Top Five breastfeeding tips as suggested by our loyal breastfeeding customers…..Remember, every mother and baby are unique, so what works for one person may not work for another, but hopefully there is something here that will help anyone who is currently struggling - 

1) Its so easy to say, and so hard to do, but you have to consciously RELAX. Breathe deeply, pick a comfy spot and get settled, loosen your shoulders, and turn the clocks face down. For the first few weeks at least, do not time feeds, do not try and multi task and be kind to yourself. You and the baby need time and calm to figure this all out.

2) Wear a properly fitted bra. You have to look after your breasts and keep them safe from injury and illness. They will change dramatically as your milk comes in and feeding becomes established so make sure you have a properly fitted nursing bra and if necessary, a night time bra as well. Mastitis, blocked ducts and soreness can all be caused and exacerbated by a bra that is too tight or too loose. If you haven’t been measured for a while, things WILL have changed – contact T-J at bras4mums for some help and “support”. Another way of safe-guarding your nipples that seems to work for a lot of new mums is to rub Lanolin cream in after each feed. This helps them to heal, is completely safe for baby and provides a degree of protection during the feed as well. Anything you can do to keep your nipples crack free is worth trying!

3) Be Kind to Yourself – There is no “proper” way to breastfeed, only what works for you and your unique baby. Don’t worry about the perfect schedule, or the appropriate hold. If you are comfortable cluster feeding in the afternoons, or feeding in a sling as you walk a long, or co-sleeping and feeding on demand, then as long as your baby is happy to as well, then go with it.

4) Eat and drink as well as you possibly can. You are making the milk for your precious baby so put the best quality ingredients in and pass that along. This will also help keep your energy levels up and your hormones in balance. Life can be daunting after the birth and you need to make sure you give yourself every chance at resilience and well-being.

5) Get help if you need it. If your nipples are still sore after a week, if your breasts feel lumpy and painful, if the baby seems to be feeding constantly, get some help and advice. You can try your local breastfeeding support groups – these can be independent or run by health visitors, or you can try organisations such as the NCT or La Leche League. But do not struggle on and do not suffer in silence. The sooner you get some help from a supportive expert, the easier the problems are to solve.

Breastfeeding can be so special and rewarding and it really is the best way to give your baby a fantastic start in life. It’s free, easy and when it’s all working well, such a happy experience to have shared with your little one.

Don’t let solvable problems stop you from doing it for as long as you and the baby want to!


5000 happy customers and counting….

I don’t normally do blogs that are so personal or so trumpety (?), but we realised this week that we have shipped over 5000 orders since we started back in 2006….In all that time we have had complaints -I remember both of them like they were yesterday, and I should add, neither of them were our fault, but we still bent over backwards to sort them out…..we have had disappointments (lost stock, price rises and the recession), but mostly it has just been a steady stream of very happy customers…..

We don’t stock anything we wouldn’t be happy to wear ourselves, and after 7 years in business quite a large proportion of our mutual wardrobes are stocked with designs that we have loved and continued to wear long after the babies have finished breastfeeding. My youngest is 5 so there has been no booby going on here for a while now (*boo*), but I still wore my favourite Mummy Looks Fab work dress to work this week and will be wearing another one to my son’s school event this weekend. I am happy to be proof positive that the designs we stock have great longevity.

My personal favourite has always been the tunic dress. On the days when I am feeling dress-down, they look fabulous with jeans and pumps, for those unpredictable days they are a safe bet with leggings and chunky boots, and finally (and more recently), if you feel like getting your legs out and enjoying a well-earned hit of Vitamin D, they work just as well with bare legs.

I can’t tell you how many customers have ordered one style and then come back a few weeks later to buy a duplicate so they have one to wear when the other is in the wash.

We love helping new mummies and mummies to be feel every bit gorgeous – goodness knows they have enough on their plates with all the demands life places on us. Whether you are heading out to work, looking after the children, or (hopefully)relaxing at home with your new baby, we like to think if you have invested in a couple of pieces from Mummy Looks Fab over the years at least you won’t have to work too hard to leave the house feeling “made”.

If you had asked me in 2006 what the future held, I could never have predicted that we would still be in business 7 years later, with 5000 happy customers under my belt (belly band). …

Here’s to the next 7 and I’m already looking forward to cracking out my favourite tunic dress to wear to the office party in 2020…..


Get Breastfeeding Support at Baby Expo with BrightonMums.com

BrightonMums.com have teamed up with the Breastfeeding Team from Sussex Community Trust to provide all day expert feeding support and information for pregnant women and mothers at Brighton Baby Expo this Sunday. It’s the perfect way to round off Breastfeeding Awareness Week. Claire Jones-Hughes from BrightonMums.com explains they chose to sponsor this particular area of the show. Continue reading

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