Baby Expo is back!

Diaries at the ready! Do you have a pen? No? Well, delve into that drawer and find one, as I’m about to tell you something very exciting and incredibly noteworthy.

Baby Expo is back!

Yes! Really!

When? Sunday 24th November 2013

Where? Surrey Sports Park, Guildford, Surrey

What time? 10am for ticket holders (you can buy your tickets in advance online here), 10:15am for everyone else.

Headline Sponsors include, Swimtime and Bright Horizons.

You can find out more information about the Surrey show on the Baby Expo website, and a full list of sponsors and exhibitors is available here.

Don’t forget to keep checking the Baby Expo blog and the Baby Expo website for updates and the latest news about the upcoming event.

It’s time to get excited, book your tickets and count down the days! Baby Expo is a MUST for any parents-to-be or new parents, as there is such a variety of babies goodies for sale from some truly fabulous companies! Oh, and grandparents love to visit too!

Just over a month to go!


BabyExpo Brighton 2013

Last Sunday was the BabyExpo event in Brighton – and what a day! It all kicked off at 9.30am when the sun shone on Brighton Racecourse. The first 500 people received a goody bag filled with exciting samples. I received an extra special goody bag – but more on that in a future post!

I made my round the various exhibitors – chatting, taking photos and soaking up the happy atmosphere. There were so many gorgeous pregnant ladies waddling around (I don’t know why I didn’t anticipate this!) and by lunchtime I was suffering from serious Bump Envy. I restrained myself though – no random Bump rubbing, I promise!

Sadly, at around 11.30am, the sea mists descended upon the Racecourse, and it all got a bit chilly, but the buzz of the event never lulled.

Here are a few photos from the day:

Crowds at BabyExpo Brighton.

Crowds at BabyExpo Brighton.

Soft play area - can I have a go?

Soft play area – can I have a go?

Lucy Piper kicks the BabyExpo off whilst the crowds enter.

Lucy Piper kicks BabyExpo off while the crowds enter.

Lots of Ella's Kitchen freebies!

Lots of Ella’s Kitchen freebies!

Diddidance having a boogie!

Diddi Dance having a boogie!

LoveYush were at the entrance... slightly chilly by the end of the day. It's a good job they sell scarves!

LoveYush were situated by the entrance… and were slightly chilly by the end of the day. It’s a good job they sell scarves!

Usborne books. So doesn't love them??

Usborne books. Who doesn’t love them??

My Wondercube. I had never heard of this product but it's amazing!

My Wondercube. I had never heard of this product before, but it’s amazing!

I attended the start of the Baby Sensory class.

I attended the start of the Baby Sensory class.

And learnt some news things at the ParentSkool antenatal taster.

And learnt some new things at the ParentSkool antenatal taster.

This has to be my favourite stall of the day. Gabz makes amazing cupcake hats and these very cute woollen pants!

This had to be my favourite stall of the day. Gabz makes amazing cupcake hats and these very cute woollen pants!

Sarah Jane from Cbeebies having fun with an award winning lizard!

Sarah Jane from Cbeebies having fun with an award winning lizard!

At 3pm I headed upstairs to attend the What’s On 4 Junior International Awards. Tears pricked in my eyes when Guy Lewis, from Gymboree Brighton, won a number of awards; the tribute to him was beautiful and ever-so emotional. Overall the awards were incredibly exciting, and an amazing celebration of fabulous people and businesses throughout the UK. Congratulations to all of the winners (and finalists)!

Who was your favourite exhibitor at the BabyExpo event? Did you learn anything? What would you like to see at next years event in Brighton?


5000 happy customers and counting….

I don’t normally do blogs that are so personal or so trumpety (?), but we realised this week that we have shipped over 5000 orders since we started back in 2006….In all that time we have had complaints -I remember both of them like they were yesterday, and I should add, neither of them were our fault, but we still bent over backwards to sort them out…..we have had disappointments (lost stock, price rises and the recession), but mostly it has just been a steady stream of very happy customers…..

We don’t stock anything we wouldn’t be happy to wear ourselves, and after 7 years in business quite a large proportion of our mutual wardrobes are stocked with designs that we have loved and continued to wear long after the babies have finished breastfeeding. My youngest is 5 so there has been no booby going on here for a while now (*boo*), but I still wore my favourite Mummy Looks Fab work dress to work this week and will be wearing another one to my son’s school event this weekend. I am happy to be proof positive that the designs we stock have great longevity.

My personal favourite has always been the tunic dress. On the days when I am feeling dress-down, they look fabulous with jeans and pumps, for those unpredictable days they are a safe bet with leggings and chunky boots, and finally (and more recently), if you feel like getting your legs out and enjoying a well-earned hit of Vitamin D, they work just as well with bare legs.

I can’t tell you how many customers have ordered one style and then come back a few weeks later to buy a duplicate so they have one to wear when the other is in the wash.

We love helping new mummies and mummies to be feel every bit gorgeous – goodness knows they have enough on their plates with all the demands life places on us. Whether you are heading out to work, looking after the children, or (hopefully)relaxing at home with your new baby, we like to think if you have invested in a couple of pieces from Mummy Looks Fab over the years at least you won’t have to work too hard to leave the house feeling “made”.

If you had asked me in 2006 what the future held, I could never have predicted that we would still be in business 7 years later, with 5000 happy customers under my belt (belly band). …

Here’s to the next 7 and I’m already looking forward to cracking out my favourite tunic dress to wear to the office party in 2020…..


Get Breastfeeding Support at Baby Expo with have teamed up with the Breastfeeding Team from Sussex Community Trust to provide all day expert feeding support and information for pregnant women and mothers at Brighton Baby Expo this Sunday. It’s the perfect way to round off Breastfeeding Awareness Week. Claire Jones-Hughes from explains they chose to sponsor this particular area of the show. Continue reading

Win 3 months’ free membership of and get your first day of care FREE!

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BabyExpo Brighton is THIS weekend!

I’m excited! The BabyExpo Event is THIS weekend at Brighton racecourse. It’s come around so quickly!

Please make sure you come and say “hi”, as I’ll be there with my camera, snapping away and writing notes for an epic blog post or three!

I must admit, as well as meeting everyone, I’m really looking forward to the goody bag. Remember, if you’re one of the first 500 visitors through the door (and you hold an Advance ticket) you’ll get one too, so make sure you get there early!

What are you most looking forward to about the event? Let me know below!

See you on Sunday.


Enjoy some extra comfort for your bump!

The FittaMamma range was conceived to meet the needs of women who want to stay fit and active during their pregnancy – but the clothes are so comfortable and supportive that more and more mums-to-be are discovering their value as an essential part of their everyday wardrobe.

FittaMamma say: ‘We wanted to create clothes that provide positive support for bump, back and boobs, lifting the weight in much the same way a sports bra lifts and holds. The original idea was to make a range for pregnant women to wear for exercise but we’ve discovered a real need amongst expectant mums to find clothes that ease the weight of the bump and make everyday life more comfortable.’

The current FittaMamma range offers a unique level of support for pregnant women that will last after you’ve had your baby too – they are seriously good news if you’ve had a C-section!

Best of all the range doesn’t sacrifice style for functionality – it looks fantastic and comes in an attractive and useful range of colours. Sling on a jacket and a chunky necklace and you could easily wear the tops to work – or wear the leggings under a dress or a long top to enjoy the extra comfort and still looking fantastic.

So how does it work?

The FittaMamma ‘High Support’ top features a unique back panel that spreads the weight onto your back and shoulders where you are naturally stronger, easing the weight of the bump. In addition the wide, firm waistband sits neatly around your hips and pelvis, providing additional support and helping combat the discomfort of pregnancy-loosened joints.

The Mamma Support top is ruched to fit around your bump and offers positive but more gentle support, whilst the extra wide and stretchy panel at the top of all FittaMamma leggings, Capri pants and shorts will hold your tummy secure as well.

FittaMamma also make a longer length ‘Gentle Support’ vest top that is ideal for yoga, Pilates or everyday wear that is designed to work throughout your pregnancy without riding up when you stretch out or leaving an uncomfortable breeze gap at the bottom of your bump.

The clothes are created in soft, natural fabrics that contain ‘CoolDry’ moisture management technology to help keep you fresh during any activity, again a bonus for pregnant women who often find their core body temperature rises. Super-stretchy elastane content means the FittaWear tops expand as your bump gets bigger, continuing to look good throughout your pregnancy and regaining their shape so you can wear them after your baby is born too.

And if you do decide to keep the clothes just for exercise, looking good whilst you work out is a great motivator! or call 01444 876900 or see us on Stand 176 at BabyExpo Brighton


Childcare and returning to work

When both parents return to work after a break to be with the children, there are many considerations: emotional, practical and financial being the ones that we know cause parents the most anxiety, or take the longest to resolve. To help you navigate these complex issues, we have a number of resources and advice articles on line at

Continue reading