Olympic Excitement!

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Much to my surprise I have found myself absolutely loving the Olympics.  The amount of medals we have gloriously acquired, the seemingly excellent organisation, stunning venues and the jaw-dropping, tear-jerking opening ceremony have all been wonderful to witness.  The sense of national identity and collective pride in our athletes has also been very heart-warming but one of the things which has had most impact on me has been watching the relationship between the competitors and their proud parents played out on screen.

I am sure many of us remember the anguish and tears from Andy Murray’s mum at the close of the Wimbledon final in July. She described the experience of watching him play as a “mixture of nausea and a heart attack” so how wonderful was it to see her tears of joy and pride at his Olympic gold on Sunday! I don’t think anyone can have failed to have been touched by Tom Daley’s story – approaching these significant home Olympics without his father, mentor and best mate by his side and Gemma Gibbons, who on securing her judo silver medal looked to the heavens with the words  “I love you mum”.  An unlikely but none the less unforgettable star was father of South African swimmer and gold medal winner Chad Le Clos – joy overwhelming him as he described his son – ‘Look at him, he’s beautiful, I love him! Unbelievable! Unbelievable! Unbelievable! I’ve never been so happy in my life!’ Check that out on facebook for a real feel-good moment if you missed it – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYa0r43Xn-8

So many athletes paid tribute to their parents – on the never-ending support and encouragement but also the financial and personal sacrifices made (endless driving to and from training sessions and competitions, early starts and late nights!)  Alongside parents however some very powerful and personal tributes were also made to athlete’s coaches and trainers and those activity providers, teachers and community volunteers who ignited their passion in their sport from a young age – Mo Farah’s PE teacher was even best man at his wedding!

So….. have you and your family been inspired by the Olympics! Do you have any budding medal winners in your clan? Experts agree that cultivating and nurturing an interest in sport or activities at a young age is so important and as parents of course we are in that wonderful position to open up a wealth of opportunities to our little ones (and to instil in them that the sky’s their limit!!) So why not check out the wealth of classes and sporting activities at www.whatson4littleones.co.uk or www.whatson4schoolkids.co.uk  – from football to fencing - and with so many class providers offering a free trial what have you got to lose?



Or head to BabyExpoMK on September 29 & 30 and you can meet activity providers face to face and also enjoy live demos and trial classes. For more see www.babyexpobabyshow.co.uk and maybe you’ll be one of those proud parents on the BBC Breakfast sofa in 2020 and beyond!

Great trip despite the roundabouts!

Brilliant trip to MK – the venue is so great – massive, central carpetted chunk of space for us to fill with all our wonderful exhibitors and if you havent checked them out, you need to – http://www.babyexpobabyshow.co.uk/exhibitor-list/ Just seconds from cashpoints and close to 4 major doors into the venue – as well as Costa Coffee to ease us in to those early starts!
We’ll be writing to all exhibitors very shortly with the latest news and information but we enjoyed fabulous meetings and very exciting discussions with the venue, Humphrey’s Corner, Heart, Milton Keynes Hospital, two-d studios, mothercare as well as dropping in on some of our lovely stand holders. There’s so much energy behind the event and with our amazing sponsors Daddynatal and Babynatal and the fabulous line up – it’s going to be fantastic!

Celeb Parents in the news, award winners and Happy Breast feeding awareness week!

It’s Breast-Feeding Awareness Week! As ever BabyExpoMK will be offering much breast feeding support and info – you can enjoy an expert bra fitting, beautiful nursing wear, expert advice and products to support you in nursing your baby – to include placenta encapsulation! There’ll be the nursing area @ thecentre:mk and a special breast-feeding drop in at the Juno Natural Parenting Zone. Our expert speakers will also be discussing breast-feeding from the main stage.

Big Big congratulations to Claire Young - Apprentice Finalist, Motivational Speaker and Social Enterprise Champion and now excitingly new mummy! Well Done from all of us at BabyExpo and welcome to the best club in the world. Claire has also told us she plans to come to the BabyExpo event – hope Claire is managing to get some sleep – if not am sure our lovely Jo Tantum can help her out!

So what else has been happening in the World of Celebrity mums and dads……. did you see Annabel Karmel on BBC Breakfast last week? She was talking about a range of issues but one close to our hearts – that of childhood obesity and the importance a healthy active lifestyle from the word go!  If you missed her don’t worry – you can get all her top tips then along with other parenting experts as seen on TV!  – just go to www.babyexpobabyshow.co.uk and you can register for free!

Other parents in the news included the Camerons who left their daughter in a pub of all places! Our straw poll here at WO4HQ concluded that this was one of those ‘by the Grace of God’ moments and the sort of thing that could/does happen to busy parents more than we would like to admit.

I have done it the other way – dropped the baby off at childcare and then forgotten, only to catch sight of the empty car seat in the rear view mirror much later and nearly had a fit! A parenting business contact of ours did also admit to nearly leaving her child in the car when she went to get her hair done – one way of getting in the local press!  He slept through the whole thing fortunately so hopefully no major therapy demands later in life there!

Finally….Cherie Blair came out this week in the Telegraph defending working mums saying it is of course possible to be a great mum and enjoy your career – Hooray!

The world of WO4 has also been very exciting by the way!  We’ve changed and we don’t just mean a new hair do – if you haven’t dropped by the What’s On 4 websites recently you might want to take a look now.  We’ve been making some great new changes so it’s much easier for you to find that ideal activity for your children, quickly and simply. We now have:

More relevant local information with our fab new regional home pages

Easier access ‘on the go’ with a new mobile version so parents can view our listings via their mobile phones

And you can still find activities quickly and easily with the same targeted search options

It works so well and it’s so simple and easy to use, maybe it’s now time for you to try something different with your child?  See www.whatson4littleones.co.ukwww.whatson4schoolkids.co.uk and www.whatson4kidsparties.co.ukfor more!

Finally – well, it’s one of our most important and exciting times of the year – The What’s On 4 Junior Awards Ceremony with headline sponsors Konfidence – took place on June 15. We welcomed over 100 wonderful winners, finalists, sponsors and supporters to a champagne lunch in a luxury country house hotel – the Hilton Avisford Park and celebrated the honour of being awarded one of the UK’s VERY BEST – BY YOU – mums, dads and carers! It was a magical day – lots of tears, inspiring and moving speeches and wonderful attendees. Many congratulations to all our fabulous winners and finalists and a BIG thank you to headline sponsors Konfidence!

You can click here to see more and learn who were the winners and finalists as well as seeing some great interviews on the day courtesy of Social Sparkle.  www.whatson4littleones.co.uk/awards.asp

So that’s all for now – don’t forget our sister ‘grown up’ site What’s On 4 Me opens nominations for their fab awards this week so why don’t you make someone’s year and get them nominated for a national award?! Just go towww.whatson4me.co.uk/awards.asp

Enjoy the weather for as long as it lasts, survive the football and we’ll be back soon!


Not all baby shows are the same!

baby show brighton

baby show brighton

Although babyshows are challenging to organise we are blessed with lovely clients and it’s a wonderful world to be part of – all those new little lives and parents-to-be at such an amazing time……I LOVE IT

That’s why it is a privilege to organise these shows and why is it always so gutting when some organisers get it wrong and exhibitors and vistors are let down – perhaps they are inexperienced, perhaps they are too profit driven, maybe unforeseen circumstances prevail – weather, date clashes – it happens…….but recently, REALLY sadly some very good organisers have been forced to cancel shows as new organisers marched in on their territory and their dates. As an industry this is frowned upon – it’s just not done….we are sad to see good, established shows forced out ;-(

So……if you are choosing a babyshow to exhibit at or you are new to the world of exhibitions it can be difficult not to buy in to the hype….we can help advise what you should be looking for – just visit http://www.babyexpobabyshow.co.uk/exhibiting/exhibition-virgins/ for TOP TIPS on how to select a show and an organiser – written by someone with 20 years experience in the exhibition industry.

No organiser is perfect but some of us are passionate about what we do, very experienced and try to offer the best event possible for exhibitors and visitors. Please keep up your support of the good shows in order that there will always be options and the baby show industry doesn’t become a monopoly…..thank you xx

here we go……

baby show venue
baby show venue

BabyExpoUK are delighted to announce the launch of a new
2 day Baby Show to take place this September 29 & 30 at thecentre:mk Milton Keynes!

To visit the new website and watch film testimonials from
last year’s clients see here http://www.babyexpobabyshow.co.uk
thecentre:mk offers a fabulous nearly 2000 m2 of ‘blank
canvas’ exhibition space, all on one level, in one, very central high profile
location and exhibitors are already booking fast – Click here for the floorplan
As a shopping centre, the facility is already set up for huge visitor numbers
in terms of parking, restaurant facilities, award-winning baby change/breast
feeding areas, accessibility and superb signage in the surrounding areas and
within. With significant numbers of young families choosing this Region to set
up home, thecentre:mk offers very ‘friendly family facilities’ to include
buggies, rein hire and ID wristbands not to mention ‘Kiddy Cars’ rental! All of
which make an organiser’s life less challenging and enable us to focus on the
content of the event.
There will be no entrance charge for the general public but
there will be a ‘Privilege Shoppers’ opening hour on both days where those VERY
keen visitors can access the event 1st. They will be badged
accordingly so exhibitors can spot them throughout the day.
Price per m2 for this 2 day event is currently
£77 per metre + VAT but this is the Early Bird rate and only valid for a short
while. To take advantage of this special price deal and the very best pitches, exhibitors
should reserve their space now at http://www.babyexpobabyshow.co.uk/exhibiting/babyexpo-contract-form-for-exhibitors