We have a winner!

The face of baby expoIt was no easy task to judge this year’s ‘Face of BabyExpo’ competition in association with the lovely folk at Phase Photographic! Fortunately BabyExpo VIP parenting expert and nanny to the stars, Rachel Waddilove was on hand to assist. Here are some of the images of the beautiful babies who visited the show this year – can you guess who won? Find out at the Phase Photographic blog - just click here - and for amazing images of your growing family contact Faye on 01273 567927. Missed out on being part of BabyExpoBrighton for 2013? Don’t worry we’ll be doing it all again next year AND at Surrey in November

The face of baby expoThe face of baby expoThe face of baby expoThe face of baby expo

5000 happy customers and counting….

I don’t normally do blogs that are so personal or so trumpety (?), but we realised this week that we have shipped over 5000 orders since we started back in 2006….In all that time we have had complaints -I remember both of them like they were yesterday, and I should add, neither of them were our fault, but we still bent over backwards to sort them out…..we have had disappointments (lost stock, price rises and the recession), but mostly it has just been a steady stream of very happy customers…..

We don’t stock anything we wouldn’t be happy to wear ourselves, and after 7 years in business quite a large proportion of our mutual wardrobes are stocked with designs that we have loved and continued to wear long after the babies have finished breastfeeding. My youngest is 5 so there has been no booby going on here for a while now (*boo*), but I still wore my favourite Mummy Looks Fab work dress to work this week and will be wearing another one to my son’s school event this weekend. I am happy to be proof positive that the designs we stock have great longevity.

My personal favourite has always been the tunic dress. On the days when I am feeling dress-down, they look fabulous with jeans and pumps, for those unpredictable days they are a safe bet with leggings and chunky boots, and finally (and more recently), if you feel like getting your legs out and enjoying a well-earned hit of Vitamin D, they work just as well with bare legs.

I can’t tell you how many customers have ordered one style and then come back a few weeks later to buy a duplicate so they have one to wear when the other is in the wash.

We love helping new mummies and mummies to be feel every bit gorgeous – goodness knows they have enough on their plates with all the demands life places on us. Whether you are heading out to work, looking after the children, or (hopefully)relaxing at home with your new baby, we like to think if you have invested in a couple of pieces from Mummy Looks Fab over the years at least you won’t have to work too hard to leave the house feeling “made”.

If you had asked me in 2006 what the future held, I could never have predicted that we would still be in business 7 years later, with 5000 happy customers under my belt (belly band). …

Here’s to the next 7 and I’m already looking forward to cracking out my favourite tunic dress to wear to the office party in 2020…..


Review: Loveyush London Scarf

When Bhakti from Loveyush London offered to send me one of her gorgeous scarves to review I was very excited! I was able to choose from a number of colours and patterns; I chose the Primrose Grey scarf as it matches our pram, my changing bag and my handbag perfectly!

The Loveyush scarf is predominantly for discretion whilst nursing; which is a fabulous idea, as I was incredibly self-conscious breastfeeding in public. Although I’m no longer nursing, the scarf has so many other uses, and has honestly become one of my baby “must have” staples. Check out the new Loveyush Scarf advert.

I have been using the Loveyush scarf for two purposes mostly.

Firstly, as a scarf. It’s very stylish with its beautiful floral pattern, and goes with so many of my clothes. The fabric is also very soft, and washes well – which as parents, we all know is very important!

Secondly, as a sun shield for the pram. The Loveyush scarf handily fits over the rim of the pram hood and covers the pram to protect Baby from the sun. The pattern is also fantastic at keeping Baby entertained whilst under the cover! So many mums have asked me where I found the Loveyush scarf, as they’ve struggled to find something suitable for their prams (and a parasol only does so much good!).

I like that you can also peek in on Baby whilst using this as a sun shield to make sure they’re alright. You can also double it over, so sun doesn’t come in through the gap at the top too, which I’ve found very successful when Baby has been asleep.

The only slightly negative thing that I’ve found about the Loveyush scarf is that if it’s windy it tends to blow around quite a lot, and after a gusty 20 minutes it has occasionally blown off. However, the positives of this fabulous scarf far outweigh the negative!

I will definitely be using this for months to come – and almost certainly for discrete nursing when I have the next baby! I’m quite body conscious, so this will be perfect.

The Loveyush scarves range from £27.50-£34.99 and can be found on the Loveyush London website.

Bhakti will be exhibiting with Loveyush London on stand 164 at the Brighton BabyExpo Event on 30th June 2013.


*I received a Loveyush scarf in Primrose Grey free of charge for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*