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What should you be dressing your beautiful baby bump in for 2013?

I love clothing in pregnancy that is comfy and yet stylish. One of my ultimate favourites is the maxi dress. I think pastel make up and beautifully covered baby bumps are fantastic especially in pregnancy as you have such a loving gorgeous pregnancy glow. Cropped trousers are set to be a trend for the spring. Perhaps with a baggy vest top and cute fitted jacket left open to allow for your growing belly you could resist the maternity clothes for a little longer although maternity clothes are starting to take a step up with their designs.

Kate Middleton recently announced that her and husband Prince William are expecting their first child. Kate is known for her sophisticated style and this was shown with her iconic dress that was worn for her official engagement photo call. The dress was a sapphire blue long sleeved, silk jersey dress with a deep V neck and ruching around the waist made by Kate’s favourite designer Danielle Issa Helayel. The dress had sold out within 24 hours across the UK.  But this week it returned as a maternity fashion website has reinvented the dress for pregnant women.

The specially tailored silk dress, which features a plunging V-neck and soft wrap ties, is almost identical on the original Issa dress, with the exception of its larger cut which allows for a growing bump. Wrap dresses are fabulous during pregnancy with them being durable and comfortable with the addition that you will probably also be able to wear them post pregnancy.

If you’re a pregnant fan of Kate’s and wish to buy the maternity version of her iconic engagement dress you can! For the designer price of £522 purchased from Blossom Mother and child, then you too could have a dress hung in your wardrobe similar to the Duchess of Cambridge’s.

When exploring your pregnancy style do not be afraid to be experimental, try different styles and colours. I tend to find bright but subtle patterns and colours work well, the main point is that you feel confident with what you are wearing.

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