Baby, it’s cold outside

The Surrey Expo is just over two weeks away (!!!) and with some of our visitors expecting Winter babies I thought I’d compile a list of must-have items for your new bundle of love.


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My daughter arrived five days before Christmas last year and these are all things I found useful.

A Snowsuit
Very important for keeping your baby warm when it’s bitterly cold outside. Make sure you buy one with inbuilt mittens and a hood for total protection from the cold.

2.5+ tog sleeping bag
My daughter was too small to fit into one of these to begin with, but they usually start from 7.5lb. Sleeping bags are quite literally lifesavers and far safer, and more convenient, than blankets.

A room thermometer
Chances are your monitors have one of these on anyway, but they are imperative for making sure your bedroom, or their Nursery, is warm enough/ isn’t too warm.

An assortment of clothing
The key to dressing a baby in winter is layers. You don’t want your baby to be cold, but equally you don’t want them to be too hot. Bodysuits (long or short sleeved), t-shirts (long sleeved), socks, booties, jumpers etc

Blankets or cosytoes for the pram
Just like clothes, layers are key for keeping warm in the pram or pushchair. Remember that your baby is generally quite stationary in the pram so they won’t be as warm as you whilst you push them up the hill!

You’ll be able to find everything to keep your baby warm at the Surrey Expo on Sunday 24th November 2013 at the Surrey Sports Park in Guildford. Tickets are just £3 and available to buy here.


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