Your baby’s visual system develops rapidly from birth

Cartoonarts offers an array of Cartoon Inspired Fine Art and freelance services and has been developed by Artist Claire Kiernan over the last 7 years. Claire has since broadened her portfolio to include a wide range of quirky and characterful artwork, pet commissions, children’s books, nursery pieces and much more. She tells us more about her journey with her craft in this guest post:

It is a known fact that in addition to looking at themselves, infants are attracted to high contrast visuals, bold images, colourful objects, and faces. The same holds true for toddlers, who also are drawn to looking at animals, shiny objects, and familiar items that are part of their world. Therefore, when we decorate our little one’s spaces with cute new furnishings and decoration, it is so important to add an abundance of colour and visual stimulants to the nursery or playrooms… Artwork from Cartoonarts (stand 118) is known for its boldness and array of bright colours and quirky characters..

My work is enjoyed by all the family (after all, I have painted many bespoke nursery pieces as well as catering for ‘big kids’ and adult collectors too!). I love seeing and hearing new reactions to my work and ideas. Adults can reflect on and talk about what they like to look at whereas babies tell us through body language: a visual fixation, a smile, or reaching for an image or object. And for the verbal toddler, interacting with an adult in naming some of my images and describing different characteristics in different pieces lays the groundwork for visual, cognitive, and language development.

I remember growing up as a child, having this framed picture on the same wall in our house for many years.. It was a landscape with a woman standing in a field with a basket of flowers.. I didn’t particularly love the image in this picture but growing up with it gave me a sense of comfort, and now I still have that warm memory to recall on. I adore the idea that a child or family will treasure a piece of my artwork and for it to become part of their home for it to then become part of their memory.

I have collectors quite a few ‘fans’ in the short time I have been painting and illustrating.. I sell a huge number of pet commissions (more than likely because a pet is the heart of a home and loving family) which again is amazing to think they will hang proud in someone’s home, for years even after their pet has gone.. One of my recent customers was very happy!

“I was absolutely delighted with the pictures of Darcy. Claire really captured his mischievous nature in two beautiful prints which I know will make the perfect gift. It was wonderful to find an affordable but perfect way to get Darcy in print! Thank you so much.”

My work and style is extremely unique and I aim to continue my career as an artist for as long as I can still hold a paintbrush!