Babywearing – why it’s great for your child & you

This week’s exhibitor blogs comes from The School of Babywearing who will be on the Juno Magazine at Baby Expo Milton Keynes.

Handsfree, the joy of baby wearing

The School of Babywearing is a social enterprise set up to provide information to parents about the use & benefits of slings & baby carriers. We offer accredited Babywearing Peer Support & Babywearing Consultancy training and support sling groups, meets and libraries across the UK.

Baby slings are thought to have been one of the first ever inventions – how else could we have carried our babies around with us and got on with the work we had to do? Today we have lots of other options for placing our babies into pushchairs, car seats and other devices but none offer the warmth of human touch, the gentle stimulation to of the baby’s balance system that comes from being walked around and the reassurance of knowing their parent is right there, making those comforting noises that the baby was used to before they were born.

Today, around the world, babies are carried by their parents and brothers and sisters. In the UK, we often lay our babies down in pushchairs or place them in car seats, swing seats or other devices. But we may notice that they seem happiest when held in our arms.Slings and baby carriers offer a way for parents to be hands-free while holding their babies in a natural position.

The world from a different view

Some of the benefits for parents of ‘babywearing’ (using a soft sling or baby carrier to hold your baby against your body in a natural position) are that they can pick up easily on their baby’s cues and respond quickly to their needs. Breastfeeding Mums will find that having baby close will boost their milk supply (and Dads of breastfeeding babies can use a sling to give Mum a break once in a while). Babywearing builds up your core strength and helps you gently tone your body after birth.

Babies who are worn upright tend to be more settled and to sleep for longer. When they are awake, they may be calm and quiet for longer periods. Premature babies gain weight faster when they are carried by their parents and have better temperature regulation. Babywearing can help with babies who have reflux or colic, as digestion is improved when the baby is kept upright. And being held in a sling counts as tummy time as the baby uses their muscles to make small movements to hold themself in position and this helps neck and chest strength. Babies today are at risk of developing flat head syndrome if they keep their heads in one position in a cot or car seat. Time in a sling can help prevent or alleviate this.

There are many different types of sling and baby carriers, with some suitable for use with premature babies and others for chunky toddlers,pre-schoolers and older children. To find the right one for you, attending a local sling meet or borrowing a sling from a sling library can be really helpful, as can an appointment with a Babywearing Consultant who can give you one-to-one advice about what’s right for you. To find your local Babywearing expert, visit, e-mail: or call 0300 800 1471. Or see us on the JUNO magazine community stand at babyExpo!

Introducing Baby Expo MK’s Mummy Blogger: The Mummy Adventure!

Our Mummy blogger Bex has just announced that she is expecting her second child and we couldn’t be more thrilled for her. She usually writes over at The Mummy Adventure but for the next few months she’ll be sharing everything from bump to baby with us.

At 23 babies were the last thing on my mind but it appears life had other ideas. When I found out I was pregnant I was over the moon, devastated, excited and terrified. It was not in my plans but I knew that I would love this child and a few months later my beautiful boy was born. Dylan turned my life upside down – or the right way up depending on how you look at it.

It seemed being a mother was what my body was meant to do as I was lucky enough to have a problem free labour and birth and the most beautiful little baby I had ever seen. My body adapted as did my dreams as we settled into our new life. I always knew I wanted a big family although quite when was never for certain. Having grown up with a brother and sister very close to me in age we decided to start trying for number two when the little man was 9 months old.

Six weeks later we found out that I was still as fertile as before and another 6 weeks on I am proud to say baby number 2 is due in February 2013. We are so excited although the idea of having two under two is also pretty scary right now!

For now my priority is enjoying my time with Dylan as I am sure life with one will seem such a luxury once the little squish is here! We have so much to do before February including picking the all important double buggy and it is already going so fast! Unless I decide my enormous shoe collection can be sold (no chance!) we need to move as our third room is currently a walk in wardrobe and yes my priorites are fine! We need a whole new set of little clothes as even if squish is a boy everything will be out of season. We also really need to find a way to squeeze more hours in each day and any help with that one would be more than welcome!

here we go……

baby show venue
baby show venue

BabyExpoUK are delighted to announce the launch of a new
2 day Baby Show to take place this September 29 & 30 at thecentre:mk Milton Keynes!

To visit the new website and watch film testimonials from
last year’s clients see here
thecentre:mk offers a fabulous nearly 2000 m2 of ‘blank
canvas’ exhibition space, all on one level, in one, very central high profile
location and exhibitors are already booking fast – Click here for the floorplan
As a shopping centre, the facility is already set up for huge visitor numbers
in terms of parking, restaurant facilities, award-winning baby change/breast
feeding areas, accessibility and superb signage in the surrounding areas and
within. With significant numbers of young families choosing this Region to set
up home, thecentre:mk offers very ‘friendly family facilities’ to include
buggies, rein hire and ID wristbands not to mention ‘Kiddy Cars’ rental! All of
which make an organiser’s life less challenging and enable us to focus on the
content of the event.
There will be no entrance charge for the general public but
there will be a ‘Privilege Shoppers’ opening hour on both days where those VERY
keen visitors can access the event 1st. They will be badged
accordingly so exhibitors can spot them throughout the day.
Price per m2 for this 2 day event is currently
£77 per metre + VAT but this is the Early Bird rate and only valid for a short
while. To take advantage of this special price deal and the very best pitches, exhibitors
should reserve their space now at