Hello Baby Gifts Ltd – towering nappy cake!

Here at ‘Hello Baby Gifts’ it’s all go, go, go in readiness for Sundays’ Baby Expo. Not only are we busy rolling, folding and making up baby gifts for our stall, we’ve also got a competition in the main reception!

Way back in July we had an idea that we’d like to make a 7/8 tiered nappy cake (the average size is 2/3 tiers) and run it as a guess how many nappies are in it competition with all proceeds going to Chestnut Tree House. Everyone loved the idea and we were asked to run the competition in the main reception area.

The massive cake has now been assembled, with nappies donated by ‘Huggies’, and looks stunning. Our next challenge will be getting it to Brighton in a Ford Fiesta!

Our stall will be a haven of gorgeousness with Nappy Cakes, Nappy Rings, Gift Boxes and Bassinet Baskets all adorned with plenty of bows, buttons and flowers! We will also have lots of Onesie Buns (bodysuits rolled up to look like cupcakes) and our new Giant Cupcakes. We’ve also got some really cute Xmas outfits and Xmas Nappy Rings

Come and say hello, we’re on stall 132 or have a go at guessing how many nappies are in the cake…. You never know, you may be lucky and win the lot!!

Look forward to seeing you there

Nikki O’Connor

Hello Baby Gifts Ltd.


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